Financial Performance Management

Budgeting and Forecasting

The KloudLogic approach to planning and forecasting creates solutions that break down organizational silos, improve compliance, enhance analysis, and empower leaders to make strategic decisions.

  • Streamlined cycles and a reduction of inaccuracies.
  • Improved version control and approval procedures.
  • Improved budget cycle times.
  • Compliance with regulatory and financial standards.
  • Confidence in your data.
  • Alignment of strategic goals with financial and operational planning requirements.
  • A plan tailored to meet your immediate financial planning needs while enabling future process integration.
  • The ability to monitor, analyze and organize data to present to senior executives, finance staff and other departments.
  • The flexibility to quickly re-forecast to meet rapidly changing business conditions and decide on a course of action that maximizes performance.
  • The right tools to collaborate, manage stakeholder interactions, engage managers and ensure clear ownership and accountability.
  • Fast, accurate management and statutory reporting.

Financial Consolidation and Close

KloudLogic can help reduce close cycle times, in compliance with regulatory and financial standards, while improving data transparency and reliability which will allow for more time to be allocated to other responsibilities.

  • Automated Step Consolidation
  • Transparent and Reliable Data
  • Dashboards and Interactive Reporting
  • Compliance with regulatory and financial standards
  • Accelerated closing cycles
  • Fast, accurate management and statutory reporting
  • XBRL and 10Q/K Process Improvements
  • Foreign Currency Analysis
  • Phased Financial Close Calendars

Some of the benefits organizations achieve through implementing financial consolidation solutions include:

  •  Automated data collection speeds up consolidation and reporting to support
  • Fast Close objectives Standardized management reporting
  • Reports that are designed to comply with strict accounting and statutory regulations
  • Granularity, transparency and auditability of consolidated financial results for audit and regulatory


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