Health checks

Our health checks and assessments provide organizations a way to get feedback quickly without committing to a long term engagement. Whether you are looking for guidance on where to start or how to manage, update, or maintain an inherited system, we can help guide you. Assessments can be performed for application readiness, performance, design, and alignment with corporate strategy. Allow our experts to give you a fresh perspective. Visit our contact us page to talk to a consultant and find out more.

The KloudLogic Health Check provide existing SAP EPM and BI customers with an opportunity for a third party to review and assess their current solutions. This Assessment process helps clients define their business needs and prioritizes those needs into an EPM Roadmap and associated timeline. The KloudLogic team takes into account current IT investments and outlines the benefits of different future state options, included functionality and estimated cost differences. The review spans areas such as migration from an existing software application to an upgraded version of that application software, or migration to new application software.

What to expect during the Health Check process:

• One-on-One meetings with Business & IT Functional Teams focused on what the near-term & medium-long term plans/objectives
• Identification of current capabilities & improvements needed to achieve business plans/objectives
• Findings which identifies specific issues impacting the health of an application
• Recommendations categorized into a roadmap of short term and longer term recommendations
• Executive summary with overall health status


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